Negative Polyacryamide Product Series
Company No.: Q/CJ001-2000)

Our polyacrylamide serial products adopt acrylamide by our microbial method as the main raw material. The products molecular weight is high and molecule spreads uniformly. We can provide varieties of series products for customers to choose.


Negative PAM are used as flocculent to aeperate solid from liquid in the fields of mineral seperation,metallurgy,chemicals and foodstuff, and are used for waste-water processing in iron and steel,textile and paper industries, In oil industry, it is used for drilling and EOR. In chemical industry, it is used as surface activating agent.

Cationic PAM is used as flocculent and sludge dewatering agent waste-water processing. In papermaking industry, it is used as retentionacid. In textile industry, it is used as fatric conditioning agent.

Technical properties:

Item Index
white little grain
weight,104 1000 2000
Content,% ≥ 88.0
Hydrolyte matter,mol% 22.0-28.0
Filter factor ≤ 1.5 3.0
Infusibility,% ≤ 0.2
Viscosity,mpa.s ≥ 35 50
Dissolve speed, min ≤ 120
Rudimental polyacrylamide content,%≤ 0.2
Granularity (0.1mm-1.4mm) % ≥ 96

Packing: 25kg in composite bag(cloth/film/paper) lined with PE bag, or upon your demand

Storage & transportation: Stored in dry, cool airiness place, far away from heat, avoid insolation, signal with no moisture and no insolation



  Acrylamide crystal
  Acrylamide solution
  Anion-type polyacryamide



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